Pre-Designed and Customized Databases
for Artists, Estates, and Collectors

Depending on your needs, MCACM will either provide you with a pre-designed database or will custom-design a database for you. All of our databases are designed using Filemaker Pro™ software, an all-purpose database program that is easy to learn and use. It requires a Mac system, and is available for single users (on a stand-alone computer) or multiple concurrent users (on computers connected by a server).

MCACM offers both pre-designed and customized databases designed using Filemaker Pro.It is possible that you may want to begin with a pre-designed database and add customized features at a later date. For this reason, MCACM requires that databases—especially those that may or will require customization—be hosted in The Cloud.

During the development process, MCACM will supply Cloud hosting with a third-party host for a period of up to one year. Cloud hosting allows real-time design changes from remote locations and access to your database from any computer with Filemaker Pro. To ensure the integrity of data, the Cloud hosting service makes a back-up of your database once per day and MCACM downloads a back-up once per week. Once a working version of your database has been developed and no revisions or adjustments are foreseen, you will have the option of either continuing the Cloud hosting or transferring the database to your own computer.

The person designated as the 'system administrator' of the database will receive basic instruction in the application program, the structure of the database, how to publish reports from existing templates, and how to create new report layouts throughout the development process.