MCACM is a comprehensive resource providing knowledge, skills, and experience. Regardless of your present collection management situation—whether you're just beginning the process or already have data stored digitally—together we can determine your needs and set up strategies and procedures for everything from conservation and photography to cataloguing and website publishing.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art uses Gallery System's EmbArk software to make its collection accessible online. The keystone of your collection management system will be your database. If it's well designed it will put all the information you want to know about an individual object, or group of objects, at your fingertips. That may be the extent of what you need at present. Increasingly, however, databases are taking on new and expanding roles. With rapid advances in digital technology and the Internet, the way people approach and learn about art is constantly changing. As a result, it is becoming prudent for artists, artists' estates, and collectors who want to advance their collections to make them accessible to the world at large.

More and more, curators are using online resources to make exhibition choices. Museums are in the process of creating software that uses the World Wide Web to seamlessly link their databases with those of other institutions. In the foreseeable future, if you want maximum exposure for your artworks they will need to be available on the Internet in a user-customizable format. And the future of catalogues raisonnés is surely online. "If you don't find it on the internet it doesn't exist," is quickly becoming a reality.

As new technologies and possibilities emerge, it is crucial to have access to information about how they're affecting the workings of the art world and how to apply them to your own situation. MCACM, with ongoing experience in both art and art-related technology, can keep you up to date. Whether it's helping you organize your collection, setting up a cataloguing program and creating a customized database, or designing a website and making your collection accessible, MCACM will help you meet your current and future needs.