Website Design and Maintenance

With over 10 years of website design experience, MCACM can design and maintain art-related websites, either stand-alone or connected to your database with online collection-publishing features.

To us it's “all about the art.” Our design philosophy stresses showing the art in its best possible light rather than designing to dazzle. Foremost, a website should be easy to navigate and understand, regardless of the complexity or extent of the information it contains.

The World Wide Web presents new and exciting educational and research options in the visual arts. Through online publishing of collections with related information it is becoming possible to have everything known about a particular work of art at one's fingertips. It is also now possible to view works in detail at resolutions never available in print.

Using your database and Filemaker Pro's Instant Web Publishing feature, MCACM can design a virtual catalogue raisonné of your collection. If you imagine the typical printed catalogue raisonné, it is easy to see the advantages of an online version. Where exhibition histories and related publications are most often abbreviated and referenced to pages in the back of the book, the web page can accommodate the full information, even offering links to exhibition views and abstracts or excerpts. Information can easily be changed as it becomes known, alleviating the need for addendums or new editions.

Instant Web Publishing is highly customizable: you decide which records from your database are shown on your site as well as which fields from those records. And the high-resolution zoomable images cannot be downloaded, adding security to prevent unauthorized copying and reproduction.